Your bridge to unemployment benefits is available through MyBenefits and TelClaim. See the resources below to learn about using the system or click here to access the site.

For Claimants

Did you know that when employers file a claim on behalf of their employees for holidays, such as the Fourth of July, employees still need to certify their claim to receive benefits? To learn how to certify your employer filed claim, click here.

Review these video tutorials to learn about how to create an account and register in the new online portal for your weekly claim:

To learn how to create an account in the new online portal, click here. | To download the user-guide, click here.

To learn how to register in the new online portal, click here. | To download the user-guide, click here.

To learn how to file a new claim, click here. | To download the user-guide, click here.

To learn how to file weekly claims, click here. | To download the user-guide, click here.

To learn how to certify your weekly benefits if you employer has filed on your behalf, click here.

The S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW) has upgraded how you interact with the agency. In order to provide the best service, we modernized our benefits portal to create efficiencies for both claimants and businesses. As you begin to use the new system, please find tutorials below and here are some helpful reminders:

Remember, you must create a new username and password to use the new system.

Even if you were already claiming benefits, you must go to the homepage, click Register Now and create a new username and password. You cannot use your username and password from the old system – it will not recognize the account.

Remember, if you enter your username and password incorrectly 10 times you will be locked out of your account.

If you cannot remember the new username and password that you established for your account, go to the homepage and click “Forgot your username/password” and the system will use your security questions to help you retrieve the information.

DO NOT: Try to create a new account. The new system will not allow you to do this. You may only have one account associated with your Social Security number.

DO NOT: Keep trying various usernames and passwords. If you try to log in more than 10 times, the system will lock you out of your account.

Remember, if you lock yourself out of your account you will have to call a representative at 1-866-831-1724 to unlock it.

Please understand that due to questions about using the new system and office closures due to Hurricane Irma, our call volume and wait times are unusually high.

Remember, if you call our TelClaim number, you can use the Call Back Option.

If you choose the Call Back Option, you keep your place in the call line, but rather than having to wait on the phone, when you turn has arrive, a representative from DEW will call you.

Please make sure you are available to answer the phone number that you leave with the agency. If you do not pick up the call when a representative calls you back, you will get a voicemail directing you to recall the department when which will then put you back in the hold line.

Remember, you can file through the phone system, but you must have a PIN for the new system.

When you registered in the new benefits system you were given the option to select a four-digit PIN to use to file claims over the phone. If you did not select a new PIN, you cannot use the phone system. So here are some tips to help you.

First, you must register in the new system.

Second, when you register you must enter a PIN in the system as you complete your information.

Third, if you did not create a PIN, you can go back, login to the new system, select “Change Preferences,” enter your username and password again (for security purposes) and then you will have the ability to create a PIN at that time.

Remember, you can file anytime this week until Saturday at midnight.

We appreciate our customers filing their claims at the beginning of the week to ensure that they process in a timely manner, and we understand that using a new system can be challenging. Staff at the agency is working diligently to help each claimant through the process, but as we give our attention to individuals, hold and wait times have increased. Please remember that you can file this week any time before Saturday at midnight and our staff will be available throughout the week to continue helping people make the transition.

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