Using the Download Center

The Download Center, located on the bottom of the left-hand menu of "Your Options" of CPA/TPA SUITS accounts, allows users to download reports from the SUITS portal to an Excel spreadsheet. Account information can then be viewed and tailored to help you do business more efficiently and effectively for your customers. Here is an overview of the options.

Client Details: This Excel report gives you the ability to sort the information by column/criteria, allowing you to filter the information most helpful to you. For instance, this report allows you to look at a list of all clients with whom you have an active Power of Attorney on file and to review clients for whom you have submitted wages in the previous quarter, to include those that you do not currently have a Power of Attorney on file. With this information you can contact these clients and update your records in SUITS.

Rate Details: Rather than retrieving a customer’s rate data based on the individual employer count, you can now retrieve the actual breakdown of the rate components for the  clients for whom you have an active Power of Attorney.

Outstanding Dues and Credit Balance Details:  This option gives you the opportunity to view clients with outstanding monies due, as well as clients that have a credit. While this information was previously available, you had to access it through the individual employer’s portal. Now, you have this information available, in an exportable list.

This is particularly beneficial when making payments on behalf of clients. With the new Credit Balance list – which can be sorted and filtered by account number, Federal ID, entity name, status of the account and credit amount – you can accurately calculate wages in order submit accurate payments while claiming appropriate credit on your client’s account.

Wage and Money Delinquency Details: This menu indicates which clients are delinquent reporting wages and which clients are delinquent making payments. Notably, the reports show the quarter for which the employer is delinquent, as well as the delinquent amount due (to include penalties and interest) based on the description of the debt.  

Debt Details: While the money delinquency report allows you to capture all of your clients’ money owed in one place, you may have one client for whom you need to view their debt details. This report allows you to click the drop-down menu of the year and quarter that you wish to review, and the amount due will be detailed by line item. This again allows you to make accurate and timely payments on behalf of your clients.

Download Wage File Submission Processing Report: Searching by the confirmation number of your wage file download will provide the details on that record, including:

  • File confirmation number
  • Agent ID
  • Agent Name
  • File Name
  • Date filed was submitted (which includes the exact time the file was submitted)
  • Status value
  • Processed with errors
  • Total number of employer counts that were on the file
  • Number of processed employer account
  • Number of rejected employer account

The last detail is helpful because if you wish to review why the employer accounts were rejected you can click the “Error” tab on the document. This will allow you to view a breakdown that includes the account number, the line that was rejected and the reason that the report was rejected.


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