Filing Claims for Your Workers: Employer Filed Claims

Employers who have a temporary shutdown, are experiencing a slow or smaller workload than normal, or have temporary/seasonal work can request permission to file claims on their workers' behalf. These are called Employer Filed Claims.

You must provide this Notification of the Availability of Unemployment Insurance Benefits to an employee upon separation from employment.

In response to the interest in Employer Filed Claims due to COVID-19, here are some materials to help guide you through the process.

For a general overview and questions related to COVID-19, click the Employer Filed Claim FAQ here.

Ready to begin the process? Here are five helpful links:

1. Login page for the Employer Self Service Portal.
2. Username/password reset instructions.
3. Video tutorial with step-by-step instructions for an Employer Filed Claim.
4. PDF tutorial with step-by-step instructions for an Employer Filed Claim.
5. Visit the Employer page, Bridge to Benefits, to find more employer resources for unemployment insurance.

General Information about Employer Filed Claims
You are allowed to file up to six weeks for your affected employees. Your employees are exempt from work search requirements during those six weeks. 

You are required to report any earnings the employee may have received from you or any other employer during the particular week filed.  You also must submit an electronic file to our department each week you wish to file by clicking here. The claim must be submitted after the week of layoff is over but within 14 days of the claim week ending date.

Information about Offers of Work

Employer Vacation Policy

If your business experiences regularly occurring vacation periods, you may be able to avoid paying for UI benefits during that time. An individual is ineligible for benefits if:

  1. His or her unemployment is due to a vacation week.
  2. He or she is unemployed due to a vacation shutdown when:
    • A written contract between employer and employees specifically provides a vacation period without pay, not to exceed two weeks per calendar year.
    • The individual was notified at the time of employment of the employer’s vacation policy providing for a vacation layoff without pay, not to exceed two weeks per calendar year.
    • The individual was employed at the beginning and the end of the vacation period.

However, you must have a bona fide vacation policy on file with DEW at least 30 days prior to the shutdown in order to avoid paying UI Benefits during the vacation period. To have a vacation policy approved, submit a letter to the address below.

S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce
Benefit Department Director
P. O. Box 1477
Columbia, SC 29202

Your letter must outline your policy in regard to the vacation dates and how you notify employees. Submit any modifications to a previously approved vacation policy at least 30 days prior to the scheduled vacation period. Your policy will remain on file until you ask that it be removed or modified.



To file short-term, temporary layoffs click here.

Short-term, temporary layoffs filing is appropriate if you have less than full-time work available for employees during a claim week and the employee will continue to have a position with the company. When filing a partial claim, it is important to report all earnings, including vacation pay and holiday pay, applicable to the week claimed.

You can file using this method for only six weeks per benefit year. After six weeks, the worker must contact a claims representative at 1-866-831-1724 if still unemployed. Do not file for UI benefits for workers who are not able and available for work. These individuals must contact a claims representative so DEW can determine eligibility.


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